JACE's Business Information Products Division provides detailed and concise information to organizations about the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience they deliver. The data gathered comes directly from their customers in a most objective and palatable form that organizations can take affirmative action to improve their service delivery to the public.

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Jamaica's Customer Experience (JACE) is committed to improving customer service in Jamaica. Step 1 in the process of doing so is to find out exactly what are the issues customers are facing by way of administering surveys, polls, trivia among other tools. The data gathered from these instruments be it quantitaive or qualitative in nature are then collated and carefully decripted for the educating of the masses and for the improvement of our everyday lives.

Please take five (5) minutes out of your busy schedules to complete the survey for this quarter on your experience with financial institutions?


  • Designer: Jenni Headlam
  • Recommended User: All Organizations
  • Extras: Initiatial Installation & Transfer of Data, Training, and Live Assistant Available