People Management & Development


JACE aims to provide a high quality people management and people development solution that allows YOU to effectively carry out your business’ core duties while we handles all people management and development initiatives. HR Strategy Consulting | Recruitment & Selection | Outsourced Staffing Solutions | Learning & Development | CAREERS

HR Strategy Consulting

Recruitment & Selection – With unemployment at its highest level for years, recruitment can be a time-consuming exercise. Hundreds of persons respond to your newspaper advertisement or job board post and 90% of them have ignored your stipulations for qualifications or experience. The task is even more arduous when it comes to selecting key personnel like managers and senior staff. Our confidential service removes the stress of recruitment by hand-picking high-performing and talented persons who have the requisite set of skills, knowledge and experience that are perfectly suited to your organisation's needs, competitiveness and objectives. JACE uses a bespoke combination of latest assessment techniques, technology and software solutions to provide a full-service, personalised recruitment and selection service. We use our database and our researching skills to identify graduates and professionals who are assessed for suitability, capability, cultural fit and transferable skills. Then only the most qualified candidates are presented to our clients for final selection and approval.

Executive Search

Executives are not chosen to fill a job; they are hand-picked to deliver business objectives. JACE provides fully-vetted and pre-assessed candidates who are an excellent match to your executive recruitment needs. With this service you: ● Get Hands-on support from qualified HR consultants ● Save the time and money of preparing and placing advertisement in newspapers ● Pay on success only! There is no charge if we are unable to find the right candidate Graduate Recruitment Our experienced and professional consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive recruitment solutions to employers seeking to find high calibre graduates who: ● Have an advanced capacity for learning ● Bring fresh ideas and new perspectives ● Rapidly become productive and adapt to the work environment ● Make dedicated employees who bring transferable skills which make a positive impact on the business JACE maintains close relationships with clients and candidates to ensure that objectives have been met as well as to provide on-going support and advice as necessary.

Assessment Centres

Want to make sure you have the right person for the Job? Let JACE conduct a recruitment assessment centre for you! Traditional recruitment and selection processes don’t always get you the employees who are best for your company. The run of the mill, résumés to interviews to references format generally favours the job-seeker. In contrast, our Assessment Centres are designed to be objective in identifying persons that fit the job, the team and the organization. We use a variety of methods and tools to understand the skills, behaviour, motivations and values that an individual will bring to the job. Our solutions have been used worldwide by private, public and voluntary sector organizations of all sizes to recruit, select and deliver outstanding employees. In everything you do in your organization, proper assessment is the key to achieving higher levels of staff performance and productivity. We believe that in all things HR… It Starts With The Right Person!