JACE offers contingency staffing solutions to local and international clients. Our offerings are turnkey solutions which include temporary to permanent employment, payroll administration, benefits administration, statutory deductions, etc.

Our premier contingency staffing solution is Contract Labour Management. The service is one in which JACE employs the staff and assigns them to clients for whatever period of time the client needs them. JACE maintains a database of pre-screened employees with varying levels of knowledge, skills, qualifications and abilities. This extensive database can shorten time to hire, as well as reduce overtime cost that would usually result from using existing staff to cover for sickness, vacation and emergencies at short notice.

A flexible workforce can help you build a more successful, competitive, and vibrant company. JACE will help you to maximise the benefits of this flexible resource alongside your permanent employees.

Our Contingency Staffing Solutions include:

  • Contract Labour – JACE employs the staff and assigns them to clients, allowing clients to focus on core services while JACE tends to all people management services.
  • FlexiForce – Just-in-time method that allows organisations to draw from a pool of workers at short notice
  • Temporary Staffing – provide you with competent temps to get the job done and keep productivity up.
  • Interim Management – Our growing team of managers are experienced in managing change, people, finance and other resources. Hired to fill a short-term need, our seasoned consultants have the knowledge and experience of global best practices in the business plus an intimate knowledge of the Caribbean context. They are selected to hit the ground running to make a difference from the onset:
    • Manage organisational change
    • Fill a gap left by an executive’s unplanned absence
    • Lead major projects and initiatives
    • Leave a legacy of improvement.